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  1. Telescopic Secuirty Post

    Ultimate Telescopic Security Post


    Fully telescopic security post sits flush to the ground when not in use
    Hole depth required for the bollard 850mm below ground
    Stands 550mm above ground when in use
    Internal locking bar for extra security
    Padlock sited at the top of the post for ease of use
    Zinc plated finish for extra corrosion resistance
    Manufactured from 100 x 100 x 5mm box section
    Comes with 70mm stainless steel discus padlock with 2 keys
    Simply pull post by hand to lock in place

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  2. Telescopic Security Ground Anchor

    Telescopic Security Ground Anchor


    230mm above ground 
    425mm below ground M
    anufactured from 70 x 70 x 3mm box section 50
    mm internal dimension chain anchor hole Ho
    le in top of post designed to take up to 13mm link diameter chain Zinc
    & yellow lacquer for extra corrosion resistance
    Automatically stays in upright position when pulled up
    Can be locked in upright position with 70mm discus padlock supplied

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