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  1. Universal Roof Hook

    Universal Roof Hook

    Turns an extension ladder into a roof ladder

    • Provides safe access to any roof
    • Detachable
    • Fits any ladder
    • Quick and easy to fit
    • Wheels help move the ladder up the roof and into position
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  2. Universal Ladder Platform

    Universal Ladder Platform

    Specifically designed to make working on ladders safe and comfortable

    • Aluminium non slip platform
    • Safe and secure
    • Supplied with a pair of adjustable support brackets enabling 3 different settings
    • Shipping weight 1.5Kg
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  3. Ladder Stand off

    Universal Ladder Stand-Off

    Increase the safety and stability of your ladder.

    • Holds your ladder 14" (355mm) clear of any wall
    • Manufactured from aluminium over 3ft (915mm) span
    • Detachable
    • Quick and easy to fit
    • Makes access for guttering and window maintenance so much easier
    • Shipping weight 2.5Kg
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  4. V Type Stand Off

    V Type Stand Off

    Aluminium ladder attachment that has been heat treated for extra strength and fits most ladders easily using spring form technology.   Specially designed to fit round corners and over guttering making safer working practice.   The 'V' Type stand off will hold your ladder 250-400mm clear of the wall.
    Heat treated for extra strength
    Quick and easy to attach using spring form
    Can be used on flat surfaces, corners or to straddle down pipes.
    Supplied flat packed
    Shipping weight 2.4 kgs
    Max load 110 kgs

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  5. Ladder Clamps

    Ladder Clamp

    • Lockable clamp secures ladders and steps to roof rack
    • Detachable
    • Fits any roof rack
    • Quick and easy to fit
    • Padlocks optional
    • Zinc & clear plated for extra corrosion resistance
    • Round or square hook available
    • Shipping weight 2.5Kg
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