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  1. Easy cane inserter

    Easy cane inserter

    The new easy cane inserter is designed to allow you to push canes easily and splinter free into the ground
    Simply clip your cane against the handle leaving approximately 25cm of cane below the bottom bar, squeeze both handles together so that the rubbers grip the base of the cane.
    Put your foot onto the bar and push into the ground.
    To remove cane, use as above but instead of pushing foot on bar, pull handles upwards.

    Can be adjusted to suit most cane diameters

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  2. Garden Line Measure

    Garden Line Measure

    12 Metres of high quality, non stretch cord marked every 15cms (6") allowing plants or vegetables to be spaced evenly.
    Pegs are hand turned beech.

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  3. Small Garden Twine Cutter

    Small Garden Twine Cutter

    Can be clipped on the bracket (supplied) in shed or greenhouse also on belt for when moving around the garden, thus leaving both hands free.   Blade, guard and fixings on cutter are all stainless steel ensuring, even when getting wet it will not rust.
    Supplied with 60 meter ball of 3 ply jute.


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